Hi, I am a twenty something named Greg.

I am a software developer and senior consultant.

I have a very diverse skillset.

I like to tweet.

I frequent Reddit.

I like to drum.

I am really into craft beer.
Here is some of my work

Word Flip
Windows Phone 7.x/8
Flip letter tiles to make as many words as you can before the timer runs out. Make a six letter word to proceed on to the next level!
WF 1
WF 2
WF 3
WF 4
WF 5
WF 6
WF 7

Windows Phone 7.x/8
A tool to convert one monetary unit into another. Very simple process, just select the from currency, to currency, and specify the amount. New rates posted daily!
CC 1
CC 2
CC 3
CC 4
CC 5
CC 6
CC 7
CC 8

Unit Converter
Windows Phone 7.x/8
A Unit Converter application for all your unit conversion needs! Convert anything from weight to velocity, volume measurements (for cooking) to distance measurements (for building). Even such difficult and unorthodox conversions as binary to hex or decimal. Make your dreams come true.
UC 1
UC 2
UC 3
UC 4
UC 5
UC 6